4 Romantic Date Ideas to Boost your Sex Life

Are you tired of doing the same activities with your partner every date night? Avoid suggesting again going to the movies or dining at a restaurant. Better, plan an out-of-the-box romantic date, surprise that special someone, and boost your sex life. Get inspired by these 4 romantic date ideas we have selected for you. 

1) Stargazing date

Imagine the both of you sitting in a comfy blanket, a bottle of wine, berries, chocolate, and even a cheeseboard, while you watch a sky full of stars. If you are aiming for a romantic date to increase your libido, a stargazing date night is definitely a great plan. 

How to plan a stargazing date?

This is our list of stargazing date essentials: 

  1. Research to find a spot outside the city where the sky is perfect for stargazing.
  2. Bring with you a basket with all the stargazing date essentials items mentioned before: a blanket to sit on, a bottle of red, 2 glasses, berries, chocolate, and a cheeseboard (you can swap items to match your couple’s favorite foods). 
  3. Download a sky-watching app: You’ve got to the spot area, drinking wine, eating deliciously, and gazing at the sky, which is beautiful. How about leveling it up? Download a stargazing app and make that romantic date flawless. Here you can find a list of the top-rated sky-watching apps. 

2) Fun Outdoor Dates

Fun outdoor dates make an incredibly romantic date. Some outdoor activities can last almost all day, so you can have fun while spending a nice time with your partner. Instead of just going for a drink, plan a whole day of outdoor activities with that special someone. Have fun, and finish your day with a romantic dinner or a previously packed outdoor picnic basket. You can even culminate your date with that stargazing date night we spoke about. 

These are some ideas for fun outdoor dates: 

  1. Beach day
  2. Hiking
  3. Bike ride
  4. Drive-in movie
  5. Picnic at a park
  6. Visiting an amusement park 
  7. Sports date: rollerblading, minigolf, swimming, or tennis 

Tip: Before planning a whole all-day hiking adventure or a long bike ride, think about the specific likes and dislikes of your partner. Remember not all people are as adventurous or energized as you can be, and a romantic date can become a horror movie if you don’t think first about what your partner would really love to do. 

couple on rollerblades

3) Go to a winery

Wineries are great spots for romantic dates and boosting your sex life. From learning more about wine, how it’s made, its history…to taking insta pics of your day with stylish winery date outfits you both select for the special occasion, these trips are an excellent idea. Some wineries offer wine-tasting experiences that let you enter a whole new world of flavors and scents provided by unique local wines created in that specific place.  

And, if there are no wineries near you, why not plan a winery trip with your partner? Extend that romantic date for more than 24 hours, your sex life will not regret it. 

Did you know that Red wine increases libido?

There are several studies that claim red wine is great for raising the heat. Not only is this drink perfect for boosting libido, but it also is argued it enhances a higher sexual desire, lubrication, and overall sexual function. However, it is recommended to drink moderately. So, don’t forget to choose a good red winery for your romantic date and elevate the desire. 

To learn more about the sexual effects of red wine, read our blog on Red wine and Sexual Desire. 

4) Candlelight Romantic Dinner at Home 

Maybe your partner is more of an indoors person. Don’t worry, candlelight dinners at home are your perfect fit for a romantic date and increasing libido to enhance your sex life.  

Cook his or her favorite dishes, put on some smooth jazz background music, buy a nice bottle of red wine, and decorate the table with petals and candles. Adorn other spots such as the living room, the bedroom, or the bath with unlit candles. Light them one by one as you both step into that space. Let everything set so that, when your partner arrives, it is all ready for your romantic candlelight dinner. To avoid any accidents, blow out the candles when you are not using them anymore. 

dinner date at home

Don’t leave it all to red wine, candles, or the stars…

Yes, stargazing, candlelight dinners, and red wine are great for planning a romantic date. Regardless, sometimes it is just not enough to boost your sex life. How about adding bido for her and for him to your basket of ideas? Bido is a libido drink made with special ingredients to help you relax, elevate your mood, enhance your performance, and increase your libido. Plus, it is great for reducing stress and increasing vitality. Sexual Health is Holistic Health. Stay happy, healthy, and horny with bido!