Does red wine increase women's sexual desire?

If you are a wine lover, you might have already figured out a correlation between drinking a couple of glasses of red wine and a libido increase. But, is it just your imagination or does red wine increase women's sexual desire? Let’s check the data to see what science actually says about red wine sexually. 

Wine for libido: What Science Says

Before digging into the saying that red wine increased women’s libido, there were previous investigations developed by Harvard and Oxford that showed evidence of a link between moderate wine drinking and men’s sexual health.

However, it wasn’t until 2009 that an Italian group of scientists decided to pull up serious investigations and ultimately find out if there was a similar effect on females: if moderate drinking of wine for libido was actually a good idea for women. Spoiler alert title of the study: “Regular moderate intake of red wine is linked to a better women's sexual health”

Couple in a wine laboratory

Study’s conclusions: Wine Increases Women’s Sexual Desire. 

After accomplishing several experiments, the Italian scientists concluded that cautiously taking into account the limits of the study and the sample, there is in fact “a potential relationship between red wine consumption and better sexuality. [...] 

The intrigued scientists concluded: “Our data shows that women who reported drinking 1-2 glasses of red wine daily have higher FSFI scores for both sexual desire, lubrification, and overall sexual function.”

Is red wine good for sex?

Yes… and no. Yes, wine is good for sex, if you drink it moderately. As referred, one or two glasses of red wine can help increase your libido, lubrication, and general sexual function. However, drinking too much can spoil everything!

Harvard investigations show that a glass of wine might enhance your libido. But they also advise drinking moderately, as heavy drinking can make it difficult to achieve your lovely orgasm.

So, drink wisely and have fun in bed. 

Young sexy man and woman are kissing on the couch

Best red wine for libido

The Italian study took chianti for their research, and it worked. Nevertheless, investigations are not specific to if there is a specific brand or variety to denominate the best red wine for libido. What they agree on is that between white and red, red wine has the most properties to increase libido for several reasons. Now you know wink wink. 

Common sense reasons why red wine increases women’s sex desire:

  1. The aroma: the berries, the earthiness, the olfactory memories of other sexy times related to wine drinking…
  2. The moment: imagine yourself and your partner listening to music, chatting informally, dining romanticly, and drinking: consider wine your aphrodisiac.
  3. The provocation: a glass of red wine really works, especially when you are all stressed out. Drink, relax, and feel free to explore your sexuality. 

Does red wine make you horny? Definitely. To make the moment even better, check out our other ideas to get in the mood in our article 5 ways to get turned on… and horny. 

What to drink before sex to last longer

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