The Art of Capturing Intimacy: Couples Boudoir Photography

Finding new ways to explore your intimacy with your partner can sometimes be challenging. However, as you open more, you can find new ways to connect. Boudoir photography has been believed to be only for individuals who would like to take a look at their sensuality and, in many cases, share it with others in an aesthetic form. But, how about couples boudoir? Let’s explore together everything you need to know about boudoir photography for couples so you can capture your intimacy and celebrate your love.


What is boudoir photography for couples?

Couples' boudoir photoshoots are regularly performed by professional photographers. This activity involves capturing intimate moments between couples, in a sexy, romantic, and tasteful manner. Depending on what you and your partner agree on, this photoshoot can include you both using special outfits in specific sets, embracing, creating explicit, edgy, or erotic photos, and even nude ones. It will all depend on what you feel comfortable doing, as previously talked with your partner and the photographer.


Preparing for your couple’s boudoir photoshoot

As mentioned before, there are several matters to review before your shoot, so that it all goes perfect.


1) Choose a professional boudoir photographer

If you don’t know anyone with a trusted photographer, start with the obvious “boudoir photographer near me” search and dig into the results you find. Check out their website, reviews, reputation, and examples of their work. Feel free to contact the photographer to learn more about how he or she works and communicate your needs. This conversation is key for both to feel comfortable at the photo shoot.

 Beautiful Boudoir Photography Studio

2) Outfits: Romantic, Erotic, or Edgy Boudoir

It’s your couple's boudoir shoot. Make the experience last longer by choosing your outfits together. If you are looking for an edgy, romantic, or erotic boudoir shoot, go to more than one store to find what you both love the most. Build intimacy by working together on getting the perfect final result by combining your outfits. Don’t forget to try your outfits first to know they fit well.

A good final tip for outfits is to search on Pinterest to see what other couples have done to create their romantic, edgy, or erotic boudoir album.

Nude boudoir

Some could think nude boudoir would not need anything but you and your partner posing in an erotic way. However, that’s not exactly true. Think about sexy necklaces and jewelry, satin robes, or sexy props that could work for your shoot. Nude can be one of your couple outfits as well!


3) Set design for boudoir photoshoots

Almost all professional boudoir photographers offer prefabricated sets for your photoshoot. However, if you are willing to make it unique, you can create your own set at home, or even at a specific location. The previous conversation you have with the photographer can include the details you are looking for at your couple’s shoot.


4) Boudoir Makeup and styling

Most professional photographers also include in-house make-up and styling in their boudoir session packages, so you look amazing at your photo shoot. Dig into the internet to encounter the romantic or edgy look you want to portray in your pictures. Be bold!

5) Couples Boudoir Posing

Posing is one of the most important aspects of your boudoir couple’s shoot. But, don’t be afraid of it. Feel free and comfortable. You are with that special person by your side. Plus, there is a professional photographer that will guide you through the process. Unleash your sensuality and embrace your inner god and goddess at every shoot.

Curvy boudoir photography ideas

Boudoir photography’s purpose is to celebrate your own beauty. Some great tips for curvy boudoir poses are to highlight your natural curves by having your arms up, laying on your back with a crossed leg, or posing on your side. Check more tips on plus size and curvy boudoir photography ideas here. Always be proud of who you are, how you look and let your boudoir couples album showcase your outstanding beauty.

Boudoir photography of plus size female on vintage sofa.

Benefits of couples boudoir

Couples boudoir photography is a great way to strengthen your connection with your partner, boost your confidence, build intimacy, and celebrate your love. Feel sexy, beautiful, romantic, and erotic together. Appreciate your bodies in an empowering way. Create a memory you can review anytime and that will last forever. Book a session with a professional photographer and embrace your sensuality together!


Need a boost of confidence before your boudoir shoot?

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