The P-Spot: Where is the Male G Spot? … and how to find it

At this point, you might have bumped into lots of information, stories, gossip, and even research articles about the female g-spot and its controversial existence. Now, it’s time to talk about the p-spot, which is actually not a myth, but a real thing that will definitely get you on the way to having outrageous orgasms, sexual excitement, and lots of pressure. Let’s dig in around the p-spot, what it is, where to find the male g spot, and how to hit it every time!

What is the Male G Spot?

The male g spot or p-spot is basically the prostate (yes, the P stands for prostate). The prostate is a walnut-sized organ located internally between the rectum and the base of the penis. This organ, as small as it is, can provide lots of pleasure, sexual excitement, and can lead to genuine sexual arousal when it is correctly stimulated. 

Where is the Male G Spot?

As we were saying, the male g spot or the prostate gland is located inside the rectum between it and the bladder. But how to find the male g spot? There are two ways to locate the p spot, even though you are looking for the prostate externally or internally. Either way, if you rather search the p-spot by yourself or with the help of a partner, finding it is easier when you are horny or aroused. 

3D accurate illustration of the prostate

Let’s dig into how to find the Male G Spot

Finding your p spot doesn’t have to be a challenge if you are in the right mood to do so and prepared. There are two ways to find the male g spot: with internal and external prostate stimulation. Let’s check out both and choose your poison!

Internal Prostate Stimulation

As you can imagine, the anus is the most straightforward way to stimulate the prostate, in other words, to actually find the p-spot. Set the mood, use lubricants, and gently introduce your finger about two inches inside the rectum. Enjoy how this prostate massage starts stimulating you sexually. According to Sperling Prostate Center, practicing prostate massages is a pleasurable experience that can reduce your risks for prostate cancer. Using vibrating prostate massagers can be a good idea. 

A quick tip:

Don’t forget the proper preparation to avoid any “poop” accidents. Anal douching can be a good pre-prostate stimulation practice, learn more about it here

External Prostate Stimulation

A second and non-penetrative way to find the p-spot is by external prostate stimulation. Relax and push gently against your or your partner’s perineum, also known as the taint. Using a proper sex toy can also be a great turn-on! 

However, before trying to find your partner’s g spot, let them know what you are planning to get kinky. Communication is key for everyone to be in the mood for exploring prostate stimulation and hitting the male spot every time you want!

prostate neon lettering on wall

How to hit the male G spot

It is of utmost importance to be prepared when trying to hit the male g spot. After chatting with your partner, gather the next list of p-spot items to make your experience easier, healthier and amazing. 

The P-Spot items list: 

  1. Anal Sex toys: p-spot massagers or prostate stimulators, vibrators, anal toys like butt plugs (not necessary but recommended, as several anal toys are specifically created for prostate stimulation)
  2. Latex gloves, condoms, and/or any barrier protection: keep it clean
  3. Lube: your best ally for anal stimulation

Get in the mood to find your p spot

Finding your p-spot can sometimes be a bit challenging, but getting in the right mood can make all the difference. Get horny and sexually aroused when the time comes for male g spot stimulation. bido for him can be a helpful tool in this journey. This libido-enhancing drink can be consumed 30 to 60 minutes before the act, helping to ease any stress or anxiety, thereby enhancing your sexual arousal. Enjoy the process and embrace a happier, healthier, and more aroused you!