4 Ideas to Celebrate National Couple Appreciation Month

It is always a great idea to celebrate your love as a couple. However, having the perfect excuse to do so is even better if April is actually a month to do so. In this blog, you will find 4 ideas to celebrate National Couple Appreciation Month and praise your love.


1. Romantic candlelight dinner

This is a basic and a go-to if you want to play it safe. Everybody loves romantic candle light dinners as they are the perfect date for a couple. Plus it sets the mood for what can happen after at night wink, wink. Talk with your partner about your relationship, laugh, and appreciate what you love about each other.

Plan everything so that it is a great surprise for your partner. Be sure you check all the items on this list and you will be ready.

  1. Choose soft music: if you do not have a particular artist in mind, select a smooth jazz playlist on Spotify.
  2. Cook a fancy meal or order from your favorite restaurant.
  3. Add red wine to spice things up: Did you know red wine increases sexual desire? Create the mood by selecting your favorite red wine and see what happens!
  4. Make the place look romantic by decorating it with candles and even flower petals.
  5. Drink your favorite libido booster as a dessert to be ready for what follows!


2. Dance classes for couples

Have you ever gone to a dance class as a couple? If not, National Couple Appreciation Month is a great excuse to do so. Google “Couples dance class near me” and book a set of classes for you and your partner. Be bold and look for “salsa classes” or even tango. This is definitely a fun way to appreciate your partner in an unconventional but intimate way. Plus, it is definitely a libido booster with all those moves going on! 

Tip: Drink a Vitality Supplement

Dancing can sometimes be exhausting. Drinking a vitality supplement before can help you both be energized and enjoy the class from beginning to end. If you don’t know which natural supplement for energy to buy, check out bido here.

Dance classes for couples 


3. Mini golf date

Still, looking for more fun for this month? A mini golf date is another great idea to appreciate your partner and have fun with each other.

This sporty activity brings within:

  1. Healthy competition in a playful atmosphere
  2. Time to have easy conversations while you play
  3. Intimacy-building potential (we have all watched a movie where someone “teaches” the other person how to use a golf stick, a bat, or a tennis racket. Isn’t that hot?)
  4. Appreciation for the other person’s skills
  5. An excuse to buy a cute mini golf date outfit to look chic as hell


4. Couples cooking classes

As National Couple Appreciation Month is not just a holiday, but a whole month, why not do all the activities you can to continue appreciating each other? Couples cooking classes are an awesome way to have it all.

Find out if you or your partner have a secret chef living in your body. Create delicious dishes and explore a new side as a couple. Enjoy together what you have cooked. Keep on with the mood and start creating new recipes at home. Drink red wine to boost your libido as you cook and set the atmosphere!

 Couples cooking classes


Celebrate National Couple Appreciation Month all the year

Now that you know these four ideas to celebrate National Couple Appreciation Month, it’s time to make it happen and maintain the celebration going all year long! Appreciating and discovering new things about your partner and your relationship is always important to keep the flame lit.


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