Do Female Libido Boosters Really Work?

Low libido can cause distress to a woman who is experiencing it. Plus, a decreased sex drive can bring problems between her and her partner. A quick solution is to look for women’s low-libido supplements on the internet or in drugstores. However, do they really work? Are they safe? Let’s dig into the world of female libido boosters and their consequences on women’s bodies and female sex life.


What are female libido enhancers?

Female enhancers are products that claim to help women have a better sex life or sexual experiences. They are formulated to boost libido, amplify orgasms, or improve vaginal lubrication, amongst other sexually beneficial outcomes. These products come in the form of sex gummies, pills, shots or libido drinks, gels, and creams. There are many brands in the market that claim to bring several benefits to women who are struggling with their sex life. But, the question here is, do they really work?


A side note on women’s low libido supplements

Before looking into the effectiveness of women’s low libido supplements, it is very important to take into account the next details. Make sure the sexual enhancer you are interested in has been under a high-standard quality control process. Check if it is FDA-compliant, and packaged following the current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). And finally, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, consult your doctor before taking any sexual enhancer. Not all claimed sexual enhancers are regulated, and thus could imply serious health issues.

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Now, do female libido boosters work?

Even though we would like to answer with a simple “yes” or a “no”, there are nuances to this question. The effectiveness of a libido booster for women varies from product to product and from person to person. However, there are natural ingredients that have proven to bring common benefits to women in general.


Natural libido boosters for women

When in the search for a female enhancer, a good way to start is with one formulated with natural libido-boosting ingredients. This is our list of natural libido enhancers that work as true aphrodisiacs for women.


L-Arginine Amino Acid for HSDD

Studies on L-arginine as a treatment for sexual desire disorders and related issues in women suggest that incorporating this amino acid as part of a combined product can help women suffering from Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. HSDD refers to a condition in which females experience an ongoing and repetitive diminishment of their sexual desire, thoughts, and responsiveness, leading to increased levels of stress.


Damiana Leaf Benefits

Damiana leaf is another herb well known for its sexual benefits. Combined with other ingredients such as l-arginine and ginseng, it has been traditionally used to treat diverse sexual problems. Damiana is claimed to increase the frequency of orgasms, enhance sexual function and diminish vaginal dryness.


Maca Root: Regulate Hormones and Enhance Libido

Maca is a natural herb used by natives as a female libido booster. It has also been traditionally used as a menopause treatment. Maca Root is widely recognized as one of the best adaptogens for addressing female libido issues, as it assists the human body in regulating hormones. Its hormone-balancing properties make it an ideal supplement for women experiencing low libido.

To learn about other natural enhancers and libido-boosting supplements for females, don’t forget to read our article on natural supplements for female libido.


Are there risks of using female enhancers?

Female enhancers can be a great complement to your sex life. They can bring the boost to your libido you need plus other benefits like reducing stress, elevating your mood, and increasing your vitality. However, as we mentioned before, not all female enhancers are regulated. Before taking a sexual pill, honey, or the suggested sex gummies your best friend uses, check twice for quality control and FDA compliance. Plus, if you are taking medications or other supplements, check for any adverse reactions such as headaches or dizziness. Female libido enhancers can definitely work for you, just check for the one that fits you the best.

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Looking for the best libido booster for women?

We’ve saved you the task of searching for the best libido booster for women. This is bido, a female libido enhancer formulated with amino acids like l-arginine, vitamins, herbs like damiana, and natural ingredients such as maca root, focused on bringing a boost to your sex life. Plus it is FDA-compliant and made with the highest quality throughout the entire process. Learn more about bido for her and bring the boost you need to your sex life!