A Beginner’s Guide To Douching

When you pass by the feminine care aisle, you might have noticed a bunch of douche products. If you’re like many people out there, you might not have ever used them. Douching is one of those things that everyone hears about, but not many people know what to do. Let’s talk about what this practice is and what you need to know about it.

What is Douching

Vaginal Douching

Vaginal douching is a method to clean out your vagina using a specially-formulated solution. In the past, the most common method was to use water and vinegar. However, today you can buy vaginal douche products almost anywhere. Douching is a practice that is meant to clean out the vagina, remove harmful bacteria, and get rid of vaginal odors, however, there are certain things you should take into account. 

Anal Douching

In the case of anal douching, this is a practice that is most commonly used to prepare for anal sex. It cleans out the rectum, so you don’t end up with a gross surprise post-coitus.

woman douching flora

Do I need to douche? And, what to do instead of douching?

Believe it or not, both vaginas and anuses are self-cleaning. In most cases, you don’t have to douche either. In fact, you might actually harm your vaginal health if you douche too frequently. Excessive douching can kill off good flora in your vagina, putting you at greater risk of infection. So, answering the question: what to do instead of douching? In most cases, the answer is simple: nothing. 

With that said, there are some cases where you may want to douche:


  • You are prepping for anal sex. It’s not necessary, but in many cases, an anal douche can prevent ugly messes. 
  • You noticed an odd smell coming from your vagina. If you don’t feel fresh “down there” , douching after your period can be useful. (Note: if you notice a persistent bad, weird, or fishy smell coming from your vagina alongside other symptoms, head to your doctor immediately.) 
  • Your gynecologist has suggested douching. It’s highly unlikely that it will happen, but if your doctor says so, do it. 

    Is douching safe?

    In most cases, douching’s safety is mostly based on where you do it. 

    Is douching bad for your vagina?

    More often than not, you should avoid vaginal douching. Doctors warn against unnecessary douching because it can ruin the natural flora in your vagina. This can put you at risk of other infections, including bacterial vaginosis, STIs, and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

    If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, douching is not a good idea at all. 

    Is anal douching safe?

    While your anus is also self-cleaning, you can occasionally get feces stuck to the walls of your rectum. A douche here can help loosen things up. If you choose an enema-style douche, it can also help you get a little more regular when it comes to using the bathroom. 

    Even so, douching your anus should not happen more than three times a week. Anal douching, when done right, is way safer than vaginal douching.

    How to use a douche in your vagina

    The best way to use a douche is to follow the instructions on the packet. With that said, the general concept is simple:

    • Add solution to the douching device. 
    • Go to a bathtub or toilet.
    • Insert the tip into your vagina.
    • Squeeze the bulb and let the solution spill out. 


    woman in tub

    How to use an anal douche

    There are several different types of anal douches, including a bulb style and an enema style. We strongly encourage you to take a look at the instructions on your anal douche kit to determine the best way to administer it. These steps are the general list of what to do:

    • Add solution to the douching device. If you are using plain water, make sure it’s warm. Cold douches are very painful! Do not use vinegar in your anus!
    • Go to the toilet.
    • Insert the tip into your anus.
    • Squeeze the bulb for 10 seconds and let the solution spill out. If you are using an enema bag, insert the tip and let the water run through the nozzle. 
    • Hold the solution “in” for a moment. If you want, try to hold your breath. 
    • Let the solution run out. Flush the toilet once everything comes out.
    • Repeat until the water runs clear.


              Tips for douching first timers

              Are you looking to try douching for the first time? Instead of trying to learn how to douche with a water bottle or other douching weird methods, these tips can help:


            • Don’t rush things. Seriously. Rushing a douche session will only hurt you more than help you. 
            • Avoid fragrance-based solutions for douching. These solutions are far more likely to irritate you than you might expect. 
            • Check the temperature of the solution. You don’t want to burn yourself down there, nor do you want to feel the freeze. (It can cause cramping.)

              It’s good clean fun…Kinda.

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