6 Vitamins for Libido: Natural Supplements for Female Libido

Let’s face it: what you eat has a huge impact on not only your body but also on your libido. While hormones and stress can also play a key role in your sexual desire, what you put into your body is also of utmost importance.

Due to a decrease in food quality around the world, many of women’s libidos have been suffering. This isn’t your fault; it’s just that getting the right nutrients is getting harder to do. With that said, you may be in need of natural supplements for female libido incorporated into your diet from time to time.

That’s why women are increasingly interested in finding the best vitamins for women’s libido enhancement. Have you been seeking out for the best female libido supplements to stop bedroom issues? Check out our top list of 6 female vitamins for libido to improve your groove.

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What Vitamins are Good for Libido?

Vitamin C: a great female libido booster

Vitamin C is a wonder vitamin, really. It improves your immune system, helps circulation, and also increases your energy levels. If you’ve been struggling to stay awake or feel like you haven’t been able to get a lot of sleep, Vitamin C can help boost your mood. Needless to say, this is a great female libido booster.

Magnesium and sex drive

Did you know that stress is a major contributor to a woman’s loss of libido? Many libido supplements for women have magnesium in them because it can help regulate relaxation and promote better sleep. Magnesium and sex drive are deeply correlated as insufficient sleep and exhaustion can end in a low sex drive.
Getting magnesium is difficult, but certain fruits like pomegranate will have this mineral.

Niacin: a unique ingredient in libido-boosting supplements for women

Also known as Vitamin B-3, Niacin is one of the most common ingredients in libido-boosting supplements for women. It offers a wild jolt of energy and also helps circulation throughout your body—including down there. This is a good choice if you’ve been feeling draggy.

Zinc and libido: the secret ingredient to increase libido

There are a lot of women using zinc for libido problems. But, does zinc increase libido? Zinc is a good choice for people who are anemic or postmenopausal. It’s been used to treat other concerns, like women’s hair loss.
There are plenty of zinc-rich foods that you can enjoy, including shellfish, eggs, and leafy greens. Most people get their daily recommended value of zinc without even trying.

Maca Root for Women’s Libido and Sexual Desire

Often heralded as one of the best adaptogens for women’s libido issues, maca is an all-natural herb used by natives as a remedy for menopause for years. Its fame comes from the plant’s ability to help the human body regulate hormones. So, how does maca help with libido?
This hormone regulation makes maca root an excellent addition to any diet for women who haven’t been feeling their mojo in recent years. Studies have proven that taking maca daily for at least 12 weeks, maca increases sexual desire and improves function.

Ashwagandha Benefits for Sex

Does ashwagandha increase sex drive in women? Ashwagandha is one of the best adaptogens for libido, regardless of your sex. It is a mushroom that’s rich in skin-protecting selenium and a variety of enzymes that help offer stress management, circulation improvement, and a boost in cognitive function.
Translation? You will feel better, be more focused, and also find it easier to get your blood pumping.

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Looking for Libido Supplements?

Libido supplements for women are a dime a dozen these days, but the truth is that only a handful are actually worth your time. But, is there a simpler way to have a perfect dose of natural libido supplements and vitamins instead of buying each ingredient on its own? Yes! It’s possible with bido: one of the best female libido supplements out there. Bido for her is a sexual supplement which offers a special formula libido-boosting shot made with women in mind, featuring almost every ingredient that has been backed by science to improve your sexual desire.