DIY Valentine's Gifts for Him

Are you feeling uninspired as to what to get him for Valentine’s day? We know buying chocolates or getting standard gifts (that every other person has bought) can become boring. That is why this Valentine’s Day you need to make something special that screams you care and love him… and that spices things up in the room! Check out our 5 kinky ideas on diy valentine’s gifts for him. 

1. 6-Session Kinky Valentine's Day Gift Baskets

Yes, Valentine's Day Gift Baskets are always a great gift, as you can fill them with lots of cool stuff your special someone will love. But, how about leveling it up? Create a 6-session naughty gift basket with these items: 

  1. Love coupons for sex fantasies, blowjobs, roleplay, nude dance, doggy style, relaxing massages, hotel nights, romantic movie nights, etc.

  2. Homemade sex toys (always review safety and health recommendations when creating them)

  3. Naughty selfies (tip: take a look at our how to take nudes guide)

  4. Sexy lingerie to blow up his imagination

  5. Aphrodisiac desserts: strawberries with chocolate, cherries, herbal chocolate truffles, etc.

  6. A libido supplement (like a six-pack of bido for him: six libido drinks for six sessions of full pleasure)

Valentine’s box ideas

Don’t just add all the items on your valentine’s day gift basket in “a basket”. Create a sexy Valentine’s box for your kinky gifts. Red and black are always the go-to colors for hot and kinky, however, this is not the only idea on how to present your box. How about wrapping your valentine’s box with sexy selfies or naughty inviting images for a wild night? This way you will be sure every time he takes out that box you both are already turned on. 

2. Boudoir Photography

A boudoir photography album portraying your hottest pics is one of the greatest Valentine's Gifts for Him. Choose sexy lingerie or go shopping for corsets, babydolls, suspender belts, brassieres, g strings, thongs, and accessories you know he will love on you. Fantasize about how you will look with every piece. 

You can make your own DIY boudoir photography album by using your imagination and creating your own home sets. You can also book a photo shoot with professional boudoir photographers who know just how to make that album look as great as you are. Some packages even have makeup and hair artists that will glam you up!   

Remember to pose seductively and own your sexuality! Boudoir photography is for everyone…you do not need to be professional, you just need to be confident. Your special person will adore every page of his boudoir album. 

Woman in erotic lingerie and stockings

3. An Aphrodisiac Homemade Dinner

Romantic restaurants usually get crowded on valentines. Why not make an aphrodisiac homemade dinner? Look for the most delicious and juiciest natural aphrodisiacs. Go to YouTube to find recipes and cook a mouthwatering dinner for two. Decorate the table to make it look as romantic as possible and put some sexy background music to get you both in the mood. When you finish dining you will both be ready for the 5th course (if you know what we mean). 

4. A “Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls” Art Session 

Remember that scene on Titanic when Rose asks Jack the question: “Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls”? Yes, after Jack draws her naked with just that precious jewel on her, it all ends in them having super hot lovemaking in a car. 

Give him a fun, but super hot, Valentine’s night by recreating this scene. To do so, you will just need to get or buy a: 

  1. A sketchbook

  2. A sketching pencil or paintings (if you’d rather not make it all black and white)

  3. A necklace that resembles the one in the movie 

  4. A robe (that you will take off)

Create the set in your living room and surprise him with the idea. At the end of the art session, you can go to your car and recreate that famous Titanic car scene as well. It’s a Valentine’s he will surely remember!

drawing naked girl

5. At-home Sexy Date Night

At-home sexy date nights are great DIY Valentine's Gifts for Him as you can plan for different things and scenarios according to what you both like the most. Mix and match for the best combinations!

For example, you can start by having an aphrodisiac homemade dinner. Then, continue with a relaxing spa night or massaging time, and complete it by giving him your 6-Session Kinky Valentine's Day Gift Basket. Or, you can do the naked drawing session and later give him your boudoir album. You name it! Look at these other at home date night ideas to have the hottest night of the year. 

Need an extra libido booster?

Yes, DIY Valentine's Gifts for him are such a great idea, but, how about a little help to spice things up in the room? Whether you put a six-pack of bido for him on his valentine’s gift box or just fetch it at the right moment, it is always the perfect add-on to your sexy night. Our libido drink is crafted to support men's sexual desire, vitality and mood. Have the best Valentine’s with bido!