6 At Home Date Night Ideas: Your Guide to Keeping Things Spicy

Maybe you don’t always feel like going out, breaking your head choosing the best date night outfits or it’s just too expensive for the time being. Either way, you’re in need of these 6 at home date night ideas that are going to spice up your love life without having to go out. 

Not sure where to begin, or how to get that sizzle back in your life? Let's take a look at six of the best romantic date night ideas. 


1. Movie Night at Home: a classic that never fails

Remember when you were a teenager and you’d go to the movies with your sweetheart? Or maybe it was in college when you had a “movie night” with that sexy coed you knew. Either way, even though this is not an out of the box date night idea, a movie night at home is a classic that never fails. 

Netflix and chill is a thing for a reason, you know…


2. Do a Meal Kit for a Sexy Date Night

Say what you will about their marketing tactics, but date night meal kits are the perfect go-to for people who want to bond over dinner. They teach you good cooking skills, they encourage you to work as a team, and more importantly, they also give you a great meal to enjoy with your date. 

To make it a sexy date night, we suggest grabbing a bottle of wine or putting on some jazz while you cook. Home date night ideas don’t get any simpler than this. 

couple cooking together


3. Spa Night at Home

A date night indoors doesn’t have to mean that you have to stick to food or TV. You can also learn to love each other’s bodies by doing a spa night together. This is actually pretty affordable, and all you need is some massage oil, a bath bomb, or maybe a clay face mask to create your at home spa kit.

Take time to trade massages with your partner, and then let yourself sink into the luxury of some bath robes and cozy tea. You’ll both love how you feel after that. 


4. Funny and Sexy Game Night

How about funny adult board games or even sex board games for your at home date night? Hit your local gaming store and get a board game that only requires two players. Whether it’s a game of Trouble or a naughty card one, game nights offer a level of bonding that you don’t usually get with other activities. 

Extra tip for a sexy game night at home

Want to have a sexy game night at home? Offer to have sexual favors for the winner. It will make the game go by a lot faster. 


5. Backyard Picnic 

If you’re looking for romantic date night ideas, grab a basket and a bottle of wine, and have a backyard picnic. In most parts of the country, drinking wine in public is a no-go. That law doesn’t translate to your backyard, though!

To add more romance, make it a candlelight picnic instead. Or if your neighbors have no view of your backyard, spice things up with some outdoor sex. 

couple having a picnic


6. Painting Date Night

Grab your paint kits, pens, and some canvases! It’s time to have a painting date night with your partner. A good way to turn up the heat a notch would be to paint each other naked. Or, you could grab a splatter kit and some tarps to roll around for a very sexy and romantic painting date night at home. 

Either way, this is one at home date night idea that will have you realizing that your partner’s body is a work of art. Staying home does not have to be boring: use your imagination and create your own couples painting ideas. 

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