8 Ways to make morning foreplay more exciting


Snooze buttons, coffee runs, work stress, and traffic may make morning foreplay seem unappealing. So, it’s no secret that sexual activities are more likely to occur at nighttime, according to research [source]. An older study of 15 college students found that sexual encounters usually happened between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am.

The same study found a second smaller peak time between 6:00 am and 8:00 am, showing that some enjoy sex play at the crack of dawn [source].


Adding sensual foreplay to your mornings can help start your day off with an extra pep in your step that your Starbucks coffee just can’t give you.  

If you’re typically not a morning person, that’s okay! Morning foreplay is still for you and maybe the key to getting you laid long before you normally would.

Read on to learn the benefits of morning foreplay and eight tips for making morning foreplay exciting.


Benefits of Morning Foreplay

In a study by Mattress Advisor, 992 adult respondents reported the top things they do for productive mornings. After using the restroom, drinking coffee, and showering, respondents said having sex with their partner came next [source]. On top of productivity, morning foreplay has several other must-have benefits.

It may reduce stress: Mornings can be a stressful time for many, but making time for foreplay may work to your benefit. Pleasurable activities were shown to lower stress levels in a 2010 study [source].

It may put you in a better mood for work: Whether you’re a morning person or not, engaging in morning foreplay activities can be the mood booster you need to start your day off on the right foot.

You can burn calories just by having a good time: A 2013 study found that men and women who engaged in sexual activity burned 3-4 calories per minute. About 100 calories for men and 70 calories for women were burned [source]. Morning foreplay that leads to sex can be the workout you didn’t know you needed.

It may lead to better sex: Sex hormones for men and women are higher in the a.m. and may be very helpful for sexual performance, sexual arousal, and libido [source] [source].

Morning foreplay may set the tone for the evening: You can tease your partner with some morning foreplay with the promise that the two of you can finish what you started after work. 


1. Go to bed naked

Skip the jammies and go to sleep in your birthday suit. Chances are, you or your partner will wake up in the wee hours of the morning hot, bothered, and ready for morning foreplay. 

Being naked means full-body access, so you and your partner can focus on various  erogenous zones. Erogenous zones are parts of your body that are more sensitive to stimulation and may turn you on. Touch, kiss, lick or suck these areas for maximum morning foreplay pleasure.

Erogenous zone examples:

  • Inner thigh
  • Ears
  • Lips
  • Thigh crease
  • Nape of neck
  • Ear lobes
  • Lower back
  • Wrist
  • Nipples
  • Feet
  • Behind the knee


2. Freshen up


Nothing kills the mood faster than funky morning breath. If you want to get your partner in the mood for some pre-breakfast foreplay, be sure to do an odor check first and head to the bathroom for some mouth care. Brushing your teeth and tongue, flossing,  and staying hydrated with water are a few ways to prevent bad breath [source].  Seek option #4 if you’re thinking about freshening up with your partner.


3. Try breakfast in bed 

If you’re starving in the mornings, sex might not even be on your radar. Bypass moodiness and hanger by taking advantage of breakfast foods in bed. Breakfast foods can be sexy if you can incorporate them the right way. Consider foods like bananas, strawberries, and vanilla Greek yogurt. Instead of that drive-thru parfait, make one on your partner’s body. This can get slightly messy, so be sure to top it off with a shower. 


4. Shower together

Reconnect before your busy day begins by starting your morning off with a couples shower. Not only does showering together save time and water, but it’s a sure-fire way to get intimate. Keep things steamy by sharing some wet kisses and sensual touches. Take turns washing and rinsing suds off one another. If there’s time after the shower, massage one another with a scented moisturizing lotion to keep the foreplay going.  You both will be fresh, clean, and ready for whatever comes next.


5. Cuddle up


Cuddle up close with your significant other to take advantage of spending a few extra moments in bed with them. Connect by spooning or even cuddling face to face to kiss and rub noses gently. These small acts of morning foreplay can quickly turn into more sensual foreplay. Since you already are in bed together, spooning or other forms of cuddling are simple ways to engage in foreplay when you’re short on time. 


6. Set your alarm earlier

It’s sex o’clock! Sacrificing your sleep for sex might not be so challenging after all. Out of 992 men and women surveyed by Mattress Advisor, men were willing to give up 42 minutes of sleep for sex while women were willing to give up 31 minutes (source). If you’re looking to add foreplay into your morning routine, you might consider going to bed earlier.  Reaching climax before that morning conference call will be worth it all. 


7. Wake your partner

If you’re up before your partner and feel frisky, you can gently wake them up for some A.M. action with some soft rubs, neck smooches, or touches below the belt. When they’re awake and responding positively to you, you can take things to the next level by going down. Consider doing the things that turn your partner on the most if they’re upset with you for waking them up early!


8. Close the curtains

Lighting may affect sexual desire, so keeping the room as dark as possible in the early mornings may help you and your partner feel more comfortable with foreplay. Keep your curtains drawn and doors shut to keep things intimate, private, and cozy. 


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Gaby McPherson MS, RDN, LDN

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