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More than just a libido booster

  • We believe sexual health is a core link in the chain of your total health and well-being. That’s why we have 17 ingredients in our products coming from herbs, adaptogens, vitamins, and amino acids. Contrastly, other products on the market typically include limited elements. Our vast array of ingredients benefits your whole health, including physical, mental, emotional, and social health. 

    Maca, ginkgo biloba, damiana, and ashwagandha are a few of our ingredients that may help you reclaim your sex life by supporting libido, hormone balance,  and sexual function. On top of boosting sex, our ingredients, including Panax ginseng, hibiscus, and Schisandra, can kick up your energy.

    Our 17 ingredients offer nutrition, antioxidants, sexual enhancement, energy, and stress relief need we say more?

  • Happy couple in a tub enjoying libido drinks
    Happy couple in a tub enjoying libido drinks

For him & her

Couples that shop together, stay together

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15% off with BIDO15
15% off with BIDO15
15% off with BIDO15
less stress equals more sex

Why choose bido

The key to elevating your sex life, enhancing your bedroom boom boom, and improving your whole health so you can be the best version of yourself and your lover.

  • boost libido*

    Boost libido*

  • improve mood

    Improve mood*

  • balance hormones

    Balance hormones*

  • reduce stress

    Reduce stress
    & anxiety*

  • Improve blood flow*

  • increase vitality

    Increase vitality*

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bido is a shared experience

We call it foreplay in a bottle

  • Popping a sex pill by yourself behind closed doors isn’t all that sexy. What’s sexy is sharing bido drinks so you and your significant other can ramp up your sexual health as a couple. Heighten the sexual pleasure by saying cheers and tapping bido bottles with that special person in your life. Use bido to initiate healthy sexual conversations with your partner to increase your chances of greater pleasure, arousal, and intimacy.

    Men can rest assured that bido drinks might benefit their health by improving sexual dysfunction, enhancing sensations, and regulating testosterone.

    Women can take heart in knowing that bido beverages were specially crafted, keeping them in mind. Our products may help balance hormones, prevent menopausal symptoms, and experience orgasms.