Male Libido Supplements: What Is Libido in Men and How to Boost It

When people talk about sex and sex drive in guys, they tend to refer to libido. Often times when people have conversations about their level of sexual desire, they admit they struggle with mismatched libido - meaning one partner's sex drive is higher than the others. This is particularly true with men, which has caused a spark in the men’s libido supplement industry.

Are you unsure of what male libido is, or how to improve your libido? This is actually a fairly simple thing for many men. Let’s take a closer look at this common issue and how you might be able to fix it.


What is male libido?

Male libido is one of many ways to say a man’s sex drive. Libido is what makes a man interested in sex and the “magic secret” that makes a man erect. Your libido can be affected by many things, including age, diet, hormone levels, and stress.

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What level of libido do I have?

If you’re not sure about your personal level of libido, a good guide is as follows:

  • High libido in men: Interested in having sex up to 2-3 times per day
  • Average libido in men: Satisfied with having sex 2-3 times per week
  • Low libido in men: Content with having sex once every 1-2 weeks

Regardless of your personal level of libido, it is important to keep in mind that every man is different when it comes to their degree of sexual desire and arousal triggers (and that is okay!)


Is having a low libido bad?

Not necessarily. If your low sex drive isn’t caused by medical concern and doesn’t bother you personally, it’s fine to ignore it. Though, if your low level of sexual desire is causing you stress, anxiety, or relationship problems, it could be more of a cause for concern. This is why low libido supplements, libido drinks, and libido pills for men remain very popular.


Male libido enhancers…

If you’re a man looking to enhance your libido, it may take a little work to do so. Let’s take a look at the best natural boost methods.

Exercising improves your sex drive

Hitting the gym is one of the quickest ways to boost your sex drive, and that’s no joke. Hitting the gym can enhance male libido by boosting your circulatory system. Also, exercise is known to be one of the most common ways to improve libido in men above the age of 40.

Why is exercise a male libido enhancer? Because your body is a machine. Use it or lose it. Gymming, whether it’s weight lifting or a jog, will help keep you youthful well into old age. One of the perks of this is being able to use that youthful energy in the bedroom.

Rest Up!... and boost your libido

It’s true. A well-rested man is a man who is more likely to be open to some lovin’ action from his partner. If you haven’t been getting much sleep lately, this could be why your libido has suddenly plummeted. Get some rest and see what happens to your libido with something as simple as this natural boost.

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Change Your Diet to Increase your Libido

If you can’t tell, most of the best methods to increase your libido include standard health tips. Many men’s libido supplements, libido drinks and libido gummies actually use superfoods that you can find in the grocery store to help you gain that wild sexual bliss. You might be wondering what kind of foods end up in a libido supplement men actually take.

What herbs increase male libido?

Take a look at these natural libido boosters that include herbs and foods for male arousal:

• Spinach and leafy greens. These super greens offer great vitamins for almost every part of your body.
• Omega-3 rich foods like fish oil. Omega-3’s can help boost mood, but only marginally so.
• Maca. A favorite root of South America, it’s long been a remedy for people who need a male libido supplement.
• Ginseng and ginkgo. These two herbs have been used in traditional medicine as stress reducers, circulation improvers, and libido enhancers for centuries.
• Berries. Whether it’s blueberry or acai, berries are high in flavonoids. These compounds help relax your blood vessels, making it easier for you to get the wood you need.

Say Ohmmmm: yoga for better sex

Are you stressed out? Considering the pressures of daily life, we can’t blame you. Unfortunately, stress can take a serious toll on anyone’s libido, regardless of who you are. Trying to de-stress the day before a hot date can help get you in the mood. Natural drinks to increase libido definitely can help.

However, at times, you may want to hit a yoga class or even talk to a therapist if you’ve been struggling with high levels of stress.So, does yoga help with sex? Of course, getting your mind in the right place is always a smart move when preparing for sex.

Consider a Trip To the Doctor

Not all issues with a man’s libido can be fixed with libido supplements or even the best edibles for male arousal. Men’s libido supplements are there to help enhance what’s already there. However, if you have a hormonal issue or another unknown health complication, you may struggle with libido outside of your control — even if you are healthy otherwise.

If you take good care of your health and aren’t seeing improvements with the use of supplements for men’s libido, you may need to consult a doctor.


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