Magnum condom sizes: Find the best fitting wrapper for your package

When you’re first beginning your sexual journey, chances are that you had a sex education class that told you to use a condom. That’s great, and it’s truly an important part of keeping sex safe. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park and that all condoms fit well for you.

There are different condom sizes, ranging from small to extra large. Each brand tends to have its own sizing, but for the sake of this chart, we’re going to focus on Durex and Trojan sizing. So, if you’re now asking yourself what condom size am I? This article is for you.

Does size matter when it comes to condoms?

We want to preface this with a quick PSA: any condom is better than no condom. This is true even if it’s a bit extra snug or a bit loose. Always have protected, safe, and consensual sex.


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Size does matter when it comes to condoms, but not in the way that you think. Condoms are designed to be able to stretch to the size of your forearm. Even so, condoms can break if they are too snug and can also be very uncomfortable if too small or large.

Are all condoms the same size? The answer is no. Condoms come in different measurements, so it’s great to pick a condom that suits your body. Let’s talk about what you need.


How to size a condom

Before we get to condom sizes and whether you should look at a Trojan Magnum size or a Trojan condom size meant for standard men, let’s talk about how to measure your member.
  1. Take a tape measure and measure your penis from the pubic bone to the tip. This is your official length. Jot down the penis length in inches, not forgetting any half-inches or quarter-inches you see.
  2. Then, use a tape measure to measure around the thickest part of your shaft. Divide this number by 2.25. This is your condom’s flat width measurement.

 Congrats, you now have performed a condom sizing procedure on yourself.


How to find the right condom size?

You have the measurements, but now you need to stop asking, “What size of condom do I need?” The reason why is simple. You can actually find out the ideal measurements by going online looking for a condom size chart, or at times, even checking the side of the box.

The best way to find a condom that fits you is to go online and check out the condom measurements of brands and condom types you like. Most brands will have a page where you can see the sizes, whether they add a reservoir tip and the overall shape of the condom.

Trojan Condoms actually boasts an entire website devoted to each type of condom they offer and sizing tips. Once you know which brand works for your member, it’s good to write down the specific type you can use before you head to the pharmacy.

PRO TIP - Did you ever wonder how big is a Magnum condom? It’s actually not much larger than regular Trojan condoms. You might be surprised at how well those can fit most men.


How to test a condom’s size?

Once you buy a pack, it’s best to test one condom before your big event. To do this, put the condom on and see how it feels. How should a condom feel, you ask? It’s simple. It should be snug, but not uncomfortable. You should also be able to see a little room at the tip.

If your condom feels baggy and doesn’t grip the base of your penis, then you may need to get a smaller condom or just avoid large-size condoms in general. If your condom feels like it’ll cut off blood circulation, then get larger condoms.


Important terms about condom sizes you should know

Condom companies are smart about offering clues to a condom’s fit. There are several terms that you should be aware of when you shop around:

  • Snug Fit/Slim Fit Condoms: This is for a condom flat width that is under 2 inches. They typically are for guys with slimmer penises.
  • Standard Size Condoms: If it doesn’t have any keywords attached to the name, you can expect the condom fit to be for men between 2 to 2.13 inches in width.
  • Magnum/Grande/King Condoms: These are for condoms that are above 2.13 inches in width. They also tend to be the longest condoms on the market.
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A final word about condom usage

Condom sizes are not the only thing to look for. You also should get a condom that fits the activity or the needs you have. Flavored condoms are best for oral sex. Lubricated condoms are ideal for people who want to have anal or vaginal sex. Meanwhile, sensation condoms are almost always meant for P-in-V penetration.


Need help getting in the mood?

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