How to Have a Better Orgasm… and How to Orgasm Every Time

Either you are entering the world of orgasms, or you are at the expert level of multiple orgasms per kinky session, we can all agree on two things:

  1. We all want to know how to have a better orgasm
  2. We all need the secret on how to orgasm EVERY TIME

Yes, sometimes orgasms aren’t that easy to achieve, but keep on reading to learn more about techniques and ideas to get to every orgasm easier and to enjoy it more.


Why does orgasming feel so good? And why should you orgasm…

If you have experienced an orgasm, you know it is simply a taste of paradise. But, why does orgasming feel so good? Well, thinking about biology, the Cleveland Clinique points out that orgasms can occur after the stimulation of the genitals or erogenous zones, which cause those intense feelings of pleasure.


But, are orgasms good for your health?

Orgasms have positive effects on our overall health. However, as we all have different organisms, several factors can make it difficult to achieve an orgasm every time we have sexual relations. So let’s dig a little deeper.

 portrait of a young woman during an orgasm

You don’t need a partner to orgasm.

To experience the pleasure of orgasming, you surely don’t need a partner. Feel free and comfortable enough to explore your body. Eliminate all the preconceived ideas and cultural limitations you have, give yourself permission, and experiment to find your G spot. Yes, probably you won’t get there on the first try, but practice makes perfect.


How to give yourself an orgasm?

As we all have different bodies, orgasming is not the same for everyone. To give yourself an orgasm start with touching the main erogenous areas of your body such as nipples, vagina, clit, anus, or penis, then experiment with other zones. But don’t get uneasy: relax and explore. You will soon find what is best for you to achieve and have a better orgasm. And, if you run out of ideas, feel free to push boundaries-  try watching some orgasm porn or even hentai animations like Torokase Orgasm. Find out what gets you going!

woman holding a vibrator and watching porn  

How to orgasm every time?

There are several techniques and tips you can apply when looking for an orgasm when you get intimate. Here are 3 ideas you can add to your sex life to achieve your G goals:

  1. Breathe Correctly: Keep your breathing slow and easy, calm down and build up the right mood for as many orgasms as you want.
  2. Don’t jump right into action: Fantasizing and creating the scene is always a great way to prepare your body for what is coming next. A nice pre-sex cuddling or a kinky session with involving sex toys can help with your orgasmic desires. 
  3. Try natural sex supplements: sexual enhancement shots such as bido are a great way to help increase your libido, mood, and arousal to make things smoother and easier when it comes to orgasming (and even multiorgasming).


Need a shortcut for orgasming?

When speaking about orgasms, sometimes even the best vibrator can’t get you to where you want to be. Stop worrying and try what is right in front of you. How about having some foreplay… in a bottle? Add bido to your sex diet and experience the pleasure of orgasming more, and more, and more.