5 Sexercising Ideas for a Healthy and Happy Relationship

Just as a great love story has many chapters, so does a healthy and happy relationship. One vital chapter that brings passion, joy, and an enduring bond between couples is maintaining a healthy and exciting sex life. The concept of sexercise adds a whole new dimension to the already vast field of fitness and physical health. But what exactly does this term mean? Is sexercise healthy? How does it contribute to a happy relationship?


What is Sexercise?

Simply put, sexercise is the innovative fusion of sex and exercise. It involves incorporating physical activities into your regular routine that not only improve overall fitness but also enhance intimacy, build trust, and foster a deeper connection with your partner. With this, you are not only breaking a sweat but also fortifying your relationship and enriching those intimate moments.


The Importance of Physical Activity in a Relationship

Physical activity plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy relationship. It does not just contribute to physical health; it can also be a source of emotional bonding and mutual enjoyment.

When you work out together, it signifies shared goals and a willingness to invest time and effort in a common activity. Moreover, exercise offers mental health benefits such as reduced anxiety and depression, as well as improved self-esteem and cognitive function [source]. 


How Sexercise Can Boost Relationship Happiness

Sexercising boosts relationship happiness by improving emotional connectivity, enhancing sexual satisfaction, and encouraging open communication. It provides an opportunity for couples to understand each other better, experience shared joy, and create lasting memories. Is sexercise healthy? Absolutely. 

couple running in nature 


Understanding the Connection: Fitness and Intimacy


The Impact of Fitness on Sex Life

Fitness is directly linked to a satisfying sex life. It may increases pleasure, arousal, and orgasm—all crucial components for an active and fulfilling sexual relationship [source]. Moreover, exercise triggers endorphin release, improving mood and self-confidence [source].  


How Increased Intimacy Leads to a Happier Relationship

Increased intimacy not only contributes to a healthy sex life but also to a happier relationship. It fosters trust, encourages open communication, and solidifies the emotional bond between couples. In essence, the more connected you feel, the happier your relationship tends to be.


The Power of Shared Experiences

Shared experiences, such as regular exercise or sexercise, can strengthen your bond as a couple. When you overcome challenges, celebrate victories, and share moments of laughter or exhaustion together, it builds a sense of teamwork and mutual support that is invaluable to a happy relationship.

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Now, let's delve into some exciting ideas that can help you seamlessly incorporate sexercise into your daily routine, starting with a popular option that combines mindfulness, flexibility, and intimacy:


Idea #1: Yoga for Couples

Stepping into the world of yoga can spark a multitude of benefits for both your fitness and your sex life. As yoga enhances flexibility and core strength, this can translate into better performance and endurance in the bedroom. Not to mention, the poses can increase blood flow to the pelvic area, optimizing sexual function.


Introduction to Yoga for Couples

Yoga for couples is a fantastic way to incorporate sexercise into your routine. It involves a series of stretches, poses, and breathing exercises that require cooperation and sync between partners, promoting physical closeness and emotional intimacy.


Benefits of Yoga in a Relationship

Yoga can enhance communication, increase trust, and promote a deeper understanding of each other. Additionally, it can increase flexibility and reduce stress—factors that can improve your sex life.


Simple Yoga Poses for Beginners

Start with foundational poses such as the double downward-facing dog, partner twist, or the bound angle pose. These poses promote physical contact, require cooperation, and can serve as a great introduction to couple's yoga.

Young couple doing acro yoga in park

bido's tip: As you grow more comfortable and experienced in your couples yoga journey, you might consider spicing things up by exploring the world of nude yoga. Practiced in the privacy and comfort of your own home, nude yoga could provide an additional layer of intimacy and openness.


Idea #2: Dance Lessons for Couples

Embracing the rhythm and synchronization of dance can have a thrilling impact on your sexual relationship. Additionally, the intimate physical contact and harmonious movements found in dancing can heighten sexual tension and deepen intimacy.


The Power of Rhythm: Understanding Dance as Sexercise

Dancing is a powerful form of sexercise. The rhythm, the movement, and the required coordination provide a thrilling experience that not only boosts fitness but also fosters closeness.


Top Dance Styles for Couples

Styles like salsa, tango, or even Zumba can make for fun and effective sexercise. They demand synchronicity and close physical contact, both of which can spark chemistry and enhance connection. Explore different dance lessons for couples and choose together your favorite style. 


The Emotional Connection: How Dance Brings Couples Closer

Dance cultivates an emotional connection between partners. It promotes trust, requires constant communication, and nurtures an understanding that can seep into other aspects of your relationship, strengthening it overall.

couples learning salsa

bido's tip: Consider showcasing your newly learned dance skills at a local dance event or social night. This not only gives you a chance to practice in a new environment, but it can also be a fun, exciting date night idea. 


Idea #3: Strength Training Together

The journey of strength training as a couple goes beyond mutual fitness goals; it directly impacts your sexual life. By improving muscular endurance and strength, you're fostering better vitality in the bedroom. Furthermore, the enhanced self-confidence and body image that come with regular strength training can significantly influence your sexual satisfaction.


Fitness Goals: A Shared Journey

Strength training as a couple signifies a shared journey towards fitness goals. It reflects a mutual commitment to health and well-being, which can contribute to a sense of unity and teamwork in a relationship.


Key Strength Training Exercises for Couples

Exercises like partner push-ups, medicine ball toss, or double squat jumps are great starting points. They not only help you stay fit but also promote cooperation and synchronization between partners.


How Strength Training Can Boost Confidence and Intimacy

Strength training can boost self-confidence, which directly influences your intimacy. As both of you start feeling better about yourselves, it can positively impact your sexual and overall relationship.

couple doing workout training

bido's tip: For further guidance and personalized routines, consider hiring a personal trainer. A personal trainer can create a personalized workout based on each of your individual goals. This approach not only improves your fitness level but also strengthens the bond between you two, enhancing mutual accountability and support. 


Idea #4: Outdoor Activities for Couples

Immersing yourselves in outdoor activities offers a two-fold benefit - a healthier body and a healthier sexual relationship. Such activities can improve cardiovascular health, a vital component for sexual function. Regular hiking, running, or other outdoor exercises can also increase vitality and strength, leading to heightened sexual performance.

On top of these physical benefits, the novelty and excitement of these activities, combined with sunlight exposure, can stimulate dopamine production, thereby increasing libido [source].


Reconnecting with Nature and Each Other

Outdoor activities for couples like hiking, cycling, or running can act as a wonderful sexercising idea. It allows you to reconnect with nature while also spending quality time with your partner.


Top Outdoor Sexercising Ideas

Try activities like beach volleyball, canoeing, or trail running. These activities can be thrilling and fun, offering an opportunity to explore new places and create wonderful memories together.


The Health and Relationship Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor activities offer multiple benefits like improved physical health, stress relief, and a deeper connection with your partner. Sharing these experiences can significantly enhance your relationship's happiness quotient.

Gay Male Couple Cycling Through Fall Woodland 

bido's tip: Consider planning surprise outdoor dates, such as a sunrise hike or a beach picnic, to add an element of anticipation and create memorable moments in your sexercising experience.


Idea #5: Pilates for Partners

Venturing into the realm of Pilates as a couple provides a platform for enhancing your sex life. The core strength and flexibility honed in Pilates are crucial elements for those intimate moments. Additionally, the deep breathing techniques ingrained in Pilates promote relaxation, inevitably leading to more fulfilling sexual experiences.


The Fundamentals of Pilates for Couples

Pilates for couples involves a series of exercises focusing on core strength, flexibility, and mindful movement. It's an excellent sexercising option, promoting physical fitness and emotional intimacy.


How Pilates Can Enhance Flexibility and Intimacy

Pilates can enhance flexibility, which can positively impact your sex life. Moreover, the emphasis on cooperation and synchronization in couples' Pilates can foster a deeper emotional bond.


Pilates Moves to Try Out with Your Partner

Start with exercises like the double leg stretch, side plank, or the teaser. These are fun, engaging, and will require both of you to work together, enhancing your bond and fitness.

couple doing pilates

bido's tip: Consider setting shared fitness goals within your Pilates practice. Working towards a common goal can strengthen your bond and give you both something exciting to strive for together.


Wrapping Up: The Transformative Power of Sexercising


Embracing Sexercising as a Lifestyle

Sexercising isn't just about keeping fit or improving your sex life. It's a lifestyle choice. It's about nurturing your relationship, building a deeper connection with your partner, and creating a space where love, respect, and mutual growth thrive. Embrace sexercising and watch your relationship bloom into its happiest, healthiest version.


How Sexercising Can Revitalize Your Relationship

Sexercising can add a dash of fun, excitement, and intimacy to your relationship. It's a potent cocktail of fitness, pleasure, and emotional bonding that can revitalize your relationship, making it more fulfilling and fun.


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